Friday, July 2, 2010

Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee on Madeenah(dot)Com -

Our elder brother, Abul-Hasan Maalik Ibn Aadam, recently asked the noble Scholar about an American caller who was involved in the efforts of Madeenah(dot)Com to counter the da'wah of the brothers at Salafi Publications in Birmingham, UK. He also asks about the validity of the position that some of the noble callers in the US took towards those involved with Madeenah(dot)Com to not co-operate with them in da'wah and to not lecture alongside them in the lessons and yearly conferences until those involved in Madeenah(dot)Com recanted and repented from their campaign to wrongfully ascribe extremism and excessiveness to Salafi Publications.

The Shaykh goes onto to clarify that Madeenah(dot)Com are nothing in comparison to Salafi Publications in this topic and that he knows the brothers from Salafi Publications completely and he vindicates them from the accusations of extremism. The Shaykh also mentions that he knows some of those involved with Madeenah(dot)Com and that they are upon the utmost extremity of error in this issue and that he has advised and clarified this to them, but they have not accepted it. He says that some of them are liars and criminals. Lastly, he explains that the position that some of the brothers took of not co-operating with those individuals in da'wah, but at the same time not warning against them publicly, up until they recant and repent, was the correct position. The Shaykh then goes further and says that if they do not recant, they must be warned against so that the people do not fall into their traps.