Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shaykh Rabee` Concerning the Usage of the Term Tamayyu` and the Accusation of Harshness Against the Salafees

Questioner: Our Shaykh (hafidhakumulLaah), we hear a lot from your excellence the usage [of the term] "at-tamayyu`", we hope (i.e. seek) an explanation of this usage from you, and what is your view regarding the one who rejects this [terminological] usage.

Shaykh Rabee` bin Haadee: This is not [terminological] usage, this is a temporary word (i.e. a passing remark upon a particular trait) that is said, but what is desired by it is a [group of] peoples who came to the `usool of Islaam, melting them, softening them, and belittling their importance, rather, they wage war against them , may Allaah bless you.

And they describe - meaning [describe] the Salafee manhaj, and standing (firmly) in the face of Ahl ul-Bida`, and defending the Sunnah - they describe it as shiddah (harshness), they describe that as shiddah, and they describe that as ghuluww (extremism), and they lied and fabricated a lie.

By Allaah, besides whom there is none worthy of worship (in truth), shiddah (harshness, severity) is not found amongst the masaakeen Salafees now.

And certainly, no matter how harsh the Salafees are in facing and standing against the falsehood, and innovations, they do not reach one hundredth of what the Salaf were upon of harshness against Ahl ul-Bida` to the degree that they (the Salaf) used to kill them, and expel them (from the land), and boycott them, and beat them, and humiliate them. [And as for us] the Salafees, they have nothing [of what was with the Salaf of harshness], masaakeen.

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From the cassette: "Is al-Jarh wat-Ta`deel Specific to the Narrators of Hadeeth".

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