Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Shaykh Rabee' Answers a Question & Removes Doubts on Warning Against Innovators

Question: Is it for the student of knowledge to say: This one is an innovator (Mubtadi') and that one is astray or does he leave this to the Ulama? And if he keeps quiet about individuals and says: I am a student of knowledge until I learn and after that I will speak, disparage and appraise when I am an 'Alim?

Answer: Being just and taking the middle road is in everything; if there is a need to warn against a Rafidee, a Sufi who worships graves or a destroyed Hizbee (partisan), from the likes of this, this is in my opinion from advice to the Muslims is to clarify the situation of this person therefore clarifying it according to what he knows. For verily some things are clear; the deviance in it is clear, that which the student of knowledge knows and that which the Alim knows that if one asks advice then he is advised.

And if he sees someone who is deceived then he should clarify the situation to him, and this is not from backbiting that is dispraised but rather it is from the things that is lawful, that if he fears for him a Rafidee that will misguide him or a Sufi who worships graves or a Hizbee and those who resemble them from the people of desires then verily it is upon him to advise him with wisdom and say to him: this person has with him so and so may Allah bless you'all.

There are some things that are hidden (to the student of knowledge) and no one speaks of it except that he is from the people of knowledge and he does so with evidences. The Alim himself does not speak except with the truth and evidences and with justice and he doesn't say things about Allah (or his religion) without knowledge, and the student of knowledge also. Matters that he doesn't know he doesn't speak about it. As for matters that are known and are clear and there is a benefit for the Muslims then he speaks about it with evidences according to his ability and knowledge.

As for shutting one's mouth, with you not saying that so and so is astray or anything and verily there is only silence! Then this is what the people of misguidance want! They want that you never speak about the people of innovation ever! I keep quiet only and everyone is a Muslim for the Rawafid are our brothers and the grave worshippers are our brothers and what resembles this; these are from the things that are incorrect. And the student of knowledge speaks with evidences and clarity and wisdom, and beautiful speech and not with stupidity or with hastiness, some of them act foolish and are hasty and bring more harm than good and that stupidity and hastiness should be left off. May Allah bless you all.


Translation from : http://www.salafitalk.net/st/viewmessages.cfm?forum=9&topic=7005