Friday, March 16, 2012

Corrupt Scholars

Corrupt scholars sit in front of the door to Paradise calling people to it through some words, while they are doing deeds that lead to Hellfire.

Whenever their words call people to Paradise, their deeds do not conform with their words.

If such words were true they would have been followed by them.

They seem to be leaders while they are really highwaymen.

If Allah alone is your aim, then all favor and honor will be yours but if you aim at what you will gain from Him, then favor may not come to you as it is in His Hands.

If your aim was favor, which you would gain from Allah, then it would not come to you.

This is because it is in His Hands and a Deed of His Deeds.

If you draw nearer from Allah, all favor would be yours.

If favor was your aim, it would not come to you.

If you knew Allah and tasted the pleasure of being near Him and then you degraded yourself to seeking favor, Allah would prevent you from gaining it as a punishment.

This way, you lost being near Allah and gaining favor.

Ibnul Qayyim's AL-FAWA'ID • pg.95