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A Selected Listing of The Scholars of Shaykh Rabee' Who gave him General Permission To Transmit Sharee'ah Knowledge

A Selected Listing of The Scholars of Shaykh Rabee' Who gave him General Permission To Transmit Sharee'ah Knowledge

1- The guiding scholar, Sheikh Aleemuddeen Ibn Moosa Ibn Nu'maan al-Muhammaddee al-Banqaalee an-Nadeeyaawee as-Salafee al Atharee

2- The guiding Salafee scholar, Sheikh Abdul Ghaffaar ar Rahmaanee (d. 1428 H)

3- The guiding scholar, Sheikh Hamood ibn 'Abdullah ibn Hamood at-Tuwayjaree (d. 1413 H)

4- The hadeeth scholar, the extensive Memorizer, Sheikh Muhammad Ibn 'Abdullah as-Sowmaalee (d. 1420 H)

5- The guiding scholar, Sheikh Badeeudeen ar Raashadee al Husaynee as-Sindee (d. 1416 H)

6- The guiding scholar, Sheikh Ismaa'eel Ibn Muhammad al-'Ansaaree (d. 1417 H)

7- The guiding scholar, the extensive scholar of understanding the texts, al Musnid al Atharee, Sheikh 'Abdullah ibn 'Abdul 'Azeez ibn 'Aqeel al 'Aqeel

8- The significant guiding scholar, scholar of hadeeth and understanding of the texts, al Musnid, Sheikh Ahmad an Najmee al-Atharee (d. 1429 H)

9- The guiding scholar, Sheikh 'Ubaydullah ibn 'Abdus Salaam ar Rahmaani al Mubaarakfooree - May Allaah have mercy upon him - (d. 1414 H) who stated in his written permission for Sheikh Rabee' to transmit hadeeth.

"To Proceed, this wanting servant of Allaah - Abu al-Hasan 'UbaidAllaah ar-Rahmaanee al-Mubaarakfooree the student, who is salafee and atharee in his methodology and path, Mubaarakfooree due to his native land, the son of the guiding scholar Sheikh 'AbduSalaam al Mubaarakfooree, who was the author of the work 'Seerat al Bukhaaree,' says, - Indeed our brother in Islaam, the noble scholar, the possessor of significant merit, Sheikh Rabee' ibn Haadi 'Umair al-Madkhali, from the people of the village of 'al-Jaraadiyyah' within the outskirts of the region of Saamitah in the south of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and who is a teacher in the College of Hadeeth at the Islamic University in Medina Munawwarrah; he has requested from me permission to transmit hadeeth narrations on me, and connect his chain of narration to the chain of the leading scholars of hadeeth from the compilers of the 'Saheeh' collections and others.

He has transmitted to me in writing that he first taught at the institution 'Madrasah as-Salafiyyah' in Saamitah, then at the institute of knowledge in the same city, then later at the Islamic University in Medina Munnawwarah and from which he received his diploma for his Bachelor's degree from in the year 1385 H, and later his diploma for his Masters degree in the year 1396, as well as later taking a doctorate degree from the King 'Abdul 'Azeez University in Jeddah.

He has also related to me, that he heard a significant portion of Saheeh al-Bukhaaree and Saheeh Muslim from Sheikh 'Abdul 'Azeez ibn Baz, may Allaah preserve him, during his lessons in the noble Prophet's masjid, as well as part of Jaami' at-Tirmidhi, and that he was very often close to the guiding scholar Sheikh Muhammad Naasir ud Deen al Albaani, and that he also benefitted from Sheikh Hamaad ibn Muhammad al Ansaaree and other than him from the major scholars of hadeeth. Additionally, he was sent as an emissary of the Islamic University in Medina to the University of Salafiyyah in Bunaris, India to teach after his graduation from the Islamic University in Medina.

Additionally, before he took his Master's and Doctorate degrees, as well as whenever he came to the University of Salafiyyah in Bunaris when he was established there, he would come and sit with me and review knowledge based issues in my home. He also came down, over the course of time, to the region of Mubaarakfoor to have sittings with me in my home.

I found him to be someone who possesses abundant knowledge, and tremendous merit, someone who has a sound and firm understanding and a forthright character, upon the path of the first three righteous generations, may Allaah be pleased with them, in both beliefs and practice, adhering to the Book and the Sunnah while striving to defend and bring victory to both of them, strict and rigorous against the people of innovation in the religion and desires, refuting the people of blind following who glorify their efforts by reciting hadeeth narrations but who, in their readings, distort the meaning of the narrations to conform to the positions and school of thought of the scholar they claim to follow.

Therefore, may Allaah bless him in his knowledge, and bring contentment to the Muslims by extending his life...." to the end of the document of written permission, which was written by the Sheikh on the 19th of Dhul Qi'ddah in the year 1401.

(Text of ijaazah taken from the work 'The Admirable Praise of The Scholars for Shaykh Rabee'")