Sunday, September 23, 2012

The more you fear someone other than Allah, the more that person will overpower you

An Important rule: There is no Power or Strength except with Allah

Extracted from: Al-Fawaid by Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah pgs 80-81

In this physical world, there is no force that can influence independently; and not only that, there is no force that has influence on its own, unless another force is joined to it and all that hinders its effect is gone.

This is true of the forces that can be seen.

Unseen and abstract forces depend on other forces, like the influence of the sun on animals and plants.

In the same way, having a child depends on a number of forces other than sexual intercourse.

This is the truth of forces and their effects.

Therefore, is anything feared or hoped for from anything in creation, it must be remembered that the extent of its capacity is that it is a part of force that does alone possess the ability of influence.

Moreover, nothing possesses the ability to independently influence anything else, without depending on others, except Allah, the One, the Irresistible.

Therefore, we should not expect anyone or anything to benefit us not should we fear anyone or anything except Allah.

Surely depending on others or fearing them is worthless.

If it is supposed that is an independent force, capable on influencing alone there still would be another force from something other than it.

It has no ability that enables it to do anything by itself, for there is no power or strength except with Allah.

He is the only One Who has entire power and strength, and what mankind hopes and fears from the power and strength he sees in people are in reality owned and controlled by Allah alone.

So, why should we hope for and fear that which is does not possess neither power or strength?

The reality is that fearing anything in creation and hoping for it, are the causes that deprive the person who hopes for it or fears it.

This is so according to the degree that you fear anything other than Allah.

As you will be under its influence.

And you will also be deprived according to the degree that you hope for other than Allah.

This applies to all people both in the levels of knowledge and status.

Therefore, that which Allah wills happens and that which He does not ordain, will never happen even if all creatures agree upon it.