Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Disqualifying a Man's Right to Being the Walee of a Woman

Warning: Disqualifying a man's right to being the walee in a marriage is a serious ruling. It is not permissible to be done based on one person's claims against the man that -for example- he does not pray or he drinks alcohol. These matters are to be investigated by people who have knowledge of this affair and their judgments are respected.

Do not take this lightly, as it has become all too common for well-wishing brothers to hear a sister's claims against her father or uncle and they replace him as walee and "marry" the woman off without verifying the claims carefully, as if the Muslims' rights to their positions as walee are cheap or not worth investigation.

A marriage without the legitimate walee is INVALID, so check yourself before you step in and lead a couple into zinaa, thinking to be helping them.

When a claim is made that a walee is unsuitable, refer the case to those responsible and excuse yourself.

May Allaah protect us from overburdening ourselves and harming the Muslims.

-Moosaa Richardson (via Whatsapp)