Friday, August 7, 2015

Some Brief Points on the Steadfastness of Shaykh Ahmad Al-Najmi

Some benefits from last nights sitting with Shaykh Abdullah Al-Najmi (on the steadfastness of Shaykh Ahmad Al-Najmi):

1- Shaykh Ahmad's love for knowledge began at a young age. When he was around 7 years old and his father returned from a journey with a gift, the young Ahmad al-Najmi told his father that he would have preferred a book.

2- Shaykh Ahmad would teach even if it was only a single student. Shaykh Abdullah said there were occasions where Shaykh Ahmad was teaching and his only student was Ahmad Munawwar al-Ethiopi who was a blind student who has close to 600 audios from the Shaykh.

3- There was a time when the power went out during the summer when it was very hot during a lesson. The Shaykh just pulled off his shimagh and taqiyyah and continued with his lesson.

4- On another occasion, during a rainstorm the power went out and Shaykh Abdullah thought the lesson would be canceled. Shaykh Ahmad told one of the students to get a flashlight from the store and continued his lesson.

5- The Shaykh was sick and was visited by one of his students (Muhammad Sahyu al-Indonesi). When the Shaykh noticed he didn't have a book with him he inquired about it. When his student responded that he didn't want to disturb the Shaykh while he was sick, the Shaykh brought a book from his own collection and began a lesson.

Relayed by Moosaa Richardson from our brother Qaasim Mutiva