Tuesday, June 20, 2017

35 Manners In Dealing With The Parents by Sheikh Fawaz Al-Madkhalee

35 Manners In Dealing With The Parents by Sheikh Fawaz Al-Madkhalee:

1) Shut down the mobile phone in their presence.
2) Listen to their talk.
3) Accept their opinion.
4) Interact with their conversation
5) Look at them directly with humiliation.
6) Always compliment and praise them.
7) Share with them happy news
8) Do not transmit negative news to them.
9) Praise their friends and those who they love.
10) Always remind them of their achievements.
11) Interaction with the conversation even if it's repeated from them.
12) Don't mention the painful positions of the past.
13) Avoid side conversations.
14) Sit respectfully with them.
15) Don't underestimate and diminish their ideas.
16) Don't cut them off and interrupt them and leave them in their conversation.
17) Respect their age and not disturb them with grandchildren.
18) Don't punish grandchildren in front of them.
19) Accept all advice and guidance from them.
20) (Give them) Status  in their presence.
21) Do not raise your voice at them.
22) Don't walk before or in front of  them.
23) Don't eat before them.
24) Don't stare at them.
25) Being proud of them even if they are not welcoming that.
26) Do not extend (your )feet in front of them or give them (your) back.
27) Don't insult them.
28) Make du'a for them all the time.
29) Do not show fatigue and  tiredness in front of them.
30) Don't laugh at their mistakes.
31) Serve them before they ask for it.
32) Always visit them and not be angry with them.
33) Select good words in dialogue with them.
34) Call them with beloved names.
35) Give  them  precedence over  everything and over all people.

📥 Source: 🖥
Sheikh Fawaz Al-Madkhlee's Facebook page.

Translator: ✒
Abu Abdil-Haadee Khaleel Davis
                 أبو عبد الهادي خليل ديفيس

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