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The Salaf and their use of Time after Asr on Friday

The Salaf and the time of Asr on Friday
📌كان طاووس بن كيسان إذا صلى العصر يوم الجمعة، استقبل القبلة، ولم يكلم أحدًا حتى تغرب الشمس.
(تاريخ واسط).
Whenever Tāwūs Ibn Kaysān prayed the Asr prayer on Friday, he would face the Qiblah and not speak with anyone up until the sun had set

[ _Tārīkh Wāsit_]

📌كان المفضل بن فضالة إذا صلى عصر يوم الجمعة، خلا في ناحية المسجد وحده، فلا يزال يدعو حتى تغرب الشمس. (أخبار القضاة)
Whenever Fadl Ibn Fudālah prayed Asr prayer on a Friday, he'd seclude himself to a corner of the Masjid and will not cease to make supplication up until the sun had set.

[ _Akhbār al-Qadāt_]

📌وكان سعيد بن جبير إذا صلى العصر، لم يكلم أحدًا حتى تغرب الشمس - يعني كان منشغلا بالدعاء -. (زاد المعاد ١ / ٣٨٢).
Whenever Sa'īd Ibn Jubair prayed the Asr prayer, he would not conversate with anyone up until the sun had set -meaning he was busy with supplication.

[ _Zād al-Ma'ād 1/382_]

📌وقال ابن القيم رحمه الله: "وهذه الساعة هي آخر ساعة بعد العصر، يُعَظِّمُها جميع أهل الملل" (زاد المعاد ١ / ٣٨٤)
Ibn al-Qayyim said, "...and this hour is the final hour after al-Asr. It is glorified by all sects/nations".

[ _Zād al-Ma'ād 1/384]

Translated and shared by Abu Muslim Ibrahim al Britaanee
via Abdullah Amr in Dr.Omaisan's Toronto Conference Whatsapp group

The Sunnah is to be guarded with the truth, honesty, and justice...

Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah (May Allãh have mercy upon him) said:

"The Sunnah is to be guarded with the truth, honesty, and justice, and it is not to be guarded with lies nor oppression."

 Dar at-Ta'aarud (7/182)

Translator's Note:

These are words deserving to be written in gold, by Shaykh ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah رحمه الله.

How many a time do we witness those claiming to be warning against falsehood and calling to the haqq, when in reality they have ulterior motives?

They warn against a falsehood that themselves fabricate and attribute to those innocent of them, while claiming this is guarding and protecting the truth and the people of truth.

They enjoin a good that they have fabricated and made it appear to be the truth, yet it is nothing but corruption and misguidance.

One cannot defend the truth and its people except by using the truth to do so, while at the same time being honest and just.

One cannot, likewise, guard and protect the truth and its people by way of lies and oppression.

And Allaah knows best.

Translated by Abu Asiya Ilyas Aidarus Al Kanadi