Friday, September 4, 2015

NEW 1MM AUDIO: The Whole Religion Is Sincerity!

Moosaa Richardson's khutbah at al-Masjid al-Awwal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA) on 1436.11.20. The topic: the hadeeth of Tameem ad-Daaree "The Deen is Naseehah".

Q&A Session with Moosaa Richardson Held In Columbus Ohio -1436.11.18

At the end of his monthly visit to Masjid as-Sahaabah in Columbus, Ohio (USA) on 1436.11.17-18, Moosaa Richardson addresses a few concerns before parting.

Monday, August 10, 2015

[New 1MM AUDIO] Duaa for King Salmaan and the Armies of Towheed

A brief excerpt from a Friday khutbah at al-Masjid al-Awwal in Pittsburgh (USA) entitled, "Re-Invest in Your Recitation of Soorah al-Faatihah", delivered by Moosaa Richardson on 1436.10.22.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Some Brief Points on the Steadfastness of Shaykh Ahmad Al-Najmi

Some benefits from last nights sitting with Shaykh Abdullah Al-Najmi (on the steadfastness of Shaykh Ahmad Al-Najmi):

1- Shaykh Ahmad's love for knowledge began at a young age. When he was around 7 years old and his father returned from a journey with a gift, the young Ahmad al-Najmi told his father that he would have preferred a book.

2- Shaykh Ahmad would teach even if it was only a single student. Shaykh Abdullah said there were occasions where Shaykh Ahmad was teaching and his only student was Ahmad Munawwar al-Ethiopi who was a blind student who has close to 600 audios from the Shaykh.

3- There was a time when the power went out during the summer when it was very hot during a lesson. The Shaykh just pulled off his shimagh and taqiyyah and continued with his lesson.

4- On another occasion, during a rainstorm the power went out and Shaykh Abdullah thought the lesson would be canceled. Shaykh Ahmad told one of the students to get a flashlight from the store and continued his lesson.

5- The Shaykh was sick and was visited by one of his students (Muhammad Sahyu al-Indonesi). When the Shaykh noticed he didn't have a book with him he inquired about it. When his student responded that he didn't want to disturb the Shaykh while he was sick, the Shaykh brought a book from his own collection and began a lesson.

Relayed by Moosaa Richardson from our brother Qaasim Mutiva

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Important Announcement !!!

Alhamdulilah,we are happy to announce that by the tawfeeq of Allah Maktabah-alFawaaid is now under the direct supervision of our beloved brother Moosaa Richardson.

All posts from this moment forward will be reviewed by Moosaa himself prior to publication insha'Allah.

We have transferred our main twitter account to Moosaa and have opened a new one @maktabaalfawaid you may follow for site updates/posts.

The Da'wah needs people who are qualified to oversee it's direction. We hope laymen take this as an example insha'Allah .

- Maktabah alFawaaid Admin
Aboo Zubaydah Yusuf ibn Aadam