Monday, December 10, 2007


From Ibn Taawoos who said, 'A man was travelling along with Taawoos (d.106H). So the man heard a crow cawing, so he said, "This is something good." So Taawoos said, "What good or evil is there in this?! Do not accompany me any longer!" Or he said, 'Do not walk along with me any longer!" Saheeh: Related by adh-Dhahabee in as-Siyar (5/40).From Asram who said, "Cut off love and affection for the ahmaq (idiot, imbecile). So there is nothing better for the ahmaq than hijraan (boycotting)." Related by at-Tabaraanee as is found in al-Hajr (p. 113).Stated Ibn Hibbaan (d.354H) in Rawdatul-'Uqalaa' (p. 118), "The obligation upon the intelligent person is that he abandons accompanying the ahmaq and associating and living with the nawkaa (stupid and foolish ones) – meaning the hamqaa' (idiots, imbeciles). Likewise, it is obligatory upon him to stick to accompanying the intelligent and clever ones, to be close with those who are astute and sensible. That is because even if you do not attain a portion of his intelligence, you will still be considered as being with him. And as for the ahmaq, even if you are not deemed as having his humq (stupidity), you will be disgraced by being close with him."Extracted from al-Lu'lu'ul-Majmoo' fee Bayaanil-Hajril-Mamnoo' wal-Hajrul-Mashroo' (p. 15) of Aboo 'Ammaar Yaasir al-'Ataawee al-Atharee.