Friday, February 29, 2008

Refuting Ahlul-Bid'ah is considered as jihaad

Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee

Question: Is the statement of one who says that: "Whoever refutes the Ahlul-Bid'ah is considered a mujaahid in the Path of Allaah" - is this statement correct or not? Response: Yes. The one who refutes the Ahlul-Bid'ah (people of innovation) is a mujaahid, and there is no doubt about this. Since when Imaam Ahmad ibn Hanbal was told about a man who fasts, and offers salaah, and gives in charity, and performs the i'tikaaf, and does (other) good deeds, and was (then) told about a man who refutes the innovators - implying which of the two was better? He (Imaam Ahmad) said: ((Whoever offers salaah and fasts and gives in charity and performs i'tikaaf, then (all of) this is for himself, and as for he who refutes the innovators, then this is for (the benefit of) the people)). So there is no doubt that whoever refutes the innovators is better, and the statements of the 'ulamaa. regarding this are many. Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmee al-Fataawa al-Jaliyyah 'anil-Manaahij ad-Da'wiyyah - Page 24, Question 29