Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Slap In The Face For Those Who Make Takfeer Of Aalu-Sa'ood

The following quote is taken from a book entitled, "Saudi Arabia: A Kingdom In Transition", published by The Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission to the United States of America, 1993. On page 42, under the chapter heading, "The Modern Saudi Government", it states:
"The name of Muslim religious law, sharia, derives from the Arabic word meaning ’to legislate’. ACCORDING TO SALAFI ISLAMIC DOCTRINE FOLLOWED IN SAUDI ARABIA, God is the lawgiver, and no one else can legislate. Senior religious scholars have countered proposals over the years that a modern constitution be written for Saudi Arabia with the argument that God’s sovereignty should not be diluted by secular legislatures." [emphasis mine].
In the same publication (pages 50-51), King Fahad is quoted as having said in an interview with a Kuwaiti newspaper:
"The democratic system prevailing in the West does not suit us in this region ... The system of free election is not part of Islamic ideology.
" Note that this Saudi backed publication, geared at promoting understanding of the Kingdom and Islaam for the Western/English-speaking reader, is unapologetically standing firm that the Kingdom follows the way of the Salaf in its rule. This was written ten years ago (1993) when many were disturbed by the term "Salafi". Indeed, this speaks to the integrity of the Kingdom. It also serves as a smack in the face for those haters of Aalu-Sa’ood who make Takfeer of them and seek to overthrow them. May Allaah perserve them and protect them from the plots and plans of these Takfeeri/Jihaadi bandits.