Thursday, September 10, 2009


Imaam al-Aajurree said:

"Consider - may Allaah have mercy upon you - a path thwarted with great dangers, yet people need to traverse it, even in the darkness of night. If there were no light upon this path, the people would be terrified. However, Allaah gave them a guiding light by which they were able to traverse this path in peace and safety.

Then came groups of people who also needed to traverse this path, so they traversed it. However, during this time the guiding light became extinguished and the people returned to a state of darkness.

So what would your opinion be about their condition?

This is the example of the scholars and the common people.

Most people do not know how to fulfill their obligatory duties, nor how to avoid prohibited matters, nor how to worship Allaah correctly - all of this they learn from the scholars.

So with the death of the scholars, mankind returns to a state of anxiety and terror, the teaching of knowledge dies whilst ignorance prevails - what an enormous calamity this is for the Muslims.

Indeed to Allaah we belong and to Him we all return."

Akhlaaqul 'Ulamaa (p. 28)

Exhortations and Admonitions

Prepared by Maaz Qureshi