Monday, June 13, 2011

Shaykh Rabee' : "If you truly respect the methodology of the Salaf..."

"My dear brothers! If you truly respect the methodology of the Salaf and those who adhere to it, then spread its books and teach from them. And fill your writings, lectures and articles with their statements about the people of innovation and warnings against them. Teach the youth about the stances that they took against innovators and encourage them to study that, accept it and take pride in it. Through these actions, the creed and methodology of the Salaf will be revived and sparkle within the peoples's souls causing them to raise their heads with pride and dignity." -Shaykh Rabee'

extracted from the book

"The Methodology of Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jama'ah on Critisizing Individuals, Books & Groups"
- pgs 112-113 al ibaanah publishing