Thursday, August 18, 2011

Shaykh Uthaymeen's advice on how to Benefit from Books

a Summary...

In his book ‘kitaab ul-ilm’ the shaikh, rahimullaah, mentioned 3 points on how to utilise books. Here are the titles for each point, which can be referred to for details [pages 87-89].

1-knowing its content

2-knowing its terminology

3-knowing its style and mode of expression

then he mentions that the study of books may consist of either two points [89-90],

1-to read carefully with reflection and trying to understand or

2-to find a certain piece of information [by going through the book quickly to see what it contains]

then he mentions [89] how important it is for the student of knowledge to collect books starting with the most important ones in relation to their subject.

taken from Amr Basheer's post on via west london dawah mailing list