Friday, September 2, 2011

Rank of the Scholars of Islam

from musab qureshi on salafitalk....

What follows is a transcription of a beautiful quotation from one of the Mutaqadimeen, Imaam Al-Aajuree;

he states in the introduction to his book “Akhlaaq al-‘Ulamaa”:

“Allaah, sanctified are His names, singled out those of his creation whom he loved and then guided them to eeman.

He further Singled out from amongst the believers those whom He Loved and Favored them by teaching them the Book and Hikmah.

He granted them the tawfeeq in the religion, taught them the explanation and favored them over the rest of the believers.

This is the case in every age and place.

Allaah (Subhaanahu wa Ta’aalaa) elevated them with knowledge and adorned them with forbearance.

Through them, the lawful is known from the unlawful, the truth from falsehood, the harmful from the beneficial, and the good from the bad.

Their virtue is enormous and their standing is great.

They are the heirs to the Prophets and a pleasure to the eyes of the righteous.

The fish in the sea seek forgiveness for them, the Angels lower their wings for them and they are second after the Prophets who will intercede on the (Day of) Resurrection.

Their gatherings impart wisdom. Through their actions, the heedless are restrained and scolded.

They are the best of the slaves and are higher in rank then the zuhaad (i.e., ascetics).

Their life is a treasure and their death is a calamity.

They remind the negligent and enlighten the ignorant.

Trouble and ill treatment is not expected or feared from them.

By their fine instruction, the obedient ones dispute and by their eloquent sermon, the slack ones return.

Everyone is in need of their knowledge… so they are the lamps for the servants, the landmarks of communities, the backbone of the Ummah, and the sources of wisdom.

They are the subject of Shaytaan’s rage.

Because of them, the hearts of the people of truth come to life and the hearts of the people of deviation die.

Their similitude upon this earth is that of the stars; they guide one in the darkness of the land and sea.

If the stars blacken out, people become confused and when the darkness unveils the stars, they see.”

“Akhlaaq al- ‘Ulamaa”, pages 13 & 14. via westlondondawah archive #597