Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shaykh al-Albani on the topic of Al-Muwaazanah

In the discussion with Imaam al-Albaani there occurs:

"May Allah protect you, our Shaikh. They use as evidence certain (textual) statements such as the statements of our Scholars concerning the Shi'ah for example, that "So and so is reliable and trustworthy (thiqah) in hadeeth, but a vile Raafidi". They use statements like this as evidence. And then they desire to build the complete principle (al-muwaazanah) upon them, without at the same time looking at the thousands of statements in which there only occurs, "Liar", "Abandoned", "Vile".

Imaam al-Albani: "This is the way of the Innovators. When a scholar of hadeeth speaks about a righteous man who is a scholar and a jurist, saying about him, "He is poor in his memory", does he also say, "He is a Muslim, and he is righteous and he is a jurist, and he is one who ought to be referred to in matters of deriving evidences for the Sharee'ah rulings (from the texts)." Allah is Great! The truth is that the aforementioned principle is very important (but) it comprises a number of very important subsidiary matters (finer details) relevant to our times.

From where (did they derive this) that when the circumstance arises for explaining the mistakes of a Muslim, whether he is a caller (daai'yah) or not, that it is necessary for a lecture in which his good deeds - from their beginning to their end are mentioned? Allahu- Akbar!! A strange thing!! By Allah! A strange thing!" (Cassette "Al-Ajwibah al-Albaaniyyah 'alaa As'ilah Abil Hasan ad-Daa'iyah" (Answers from Albani on the questions from Abul Hasan the daa'ee) in the "Silsilah al-Hudaa wan-Noor" Series, No. 850).

Entire text from SPUBS publication titled A Reply to the Doubts of the Qutubiyyah Concerning Ascription to Sunnah and Salafiyyah Article ID SL 010004 (p. 70-71)
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