Friday, November 4, 2011

Guidance for The Prevention and Cure of Differences


Some of the brothers do not believe that those who do not fight against the call to the way of the Salaf should be boycotted, additionally they also have shortcomings in applying some correct positions, and they mix with those who go against correct positions of the religion, whereas some other brothers view that we should indeed boycott those individuals. Should this be a reason for disagreement between them - as those who follow the way of the first generations?


I believe that it is required upon all parties to act moderately. Each group of peole has the obligation to act in a moderate and balanced way in matters, and to not be extreme. They should remedy these problems through sound understandings without being dissatisfied or resentful, or angry, or abandoning each other. Try to study these matters in light of the way of the first generations, and whatever we come to understand from the methodology of the Salaf is the most correct and suitable for the efforts of this call and the positions of those who adhere to it, then this is what we follow. Try to persuade and convince each other with good and blessed behaviour and manners which act as a cause for harmony and unity between yourselves, and bring to an end these struggles between the people upon the Sunah. Strive to understand these affairs and to remedy them with wisdom and moderation.

We ask Allaah, the Blessed the Most High, to make us and you streadfast upon the truth and that He make us and you far away from the causes of seperation and differences. Certainly, I have previously mentioned to you the issue of distancing yourself from the causes of seperation and differences, and from them is what was just mentioned. So be warned, be warned against getting entangled in the causes of splitting and differing. Yes if they do occur with someone then work towards a remedy with wisdom, knowledge, patience, and intelligence.

[Source: Fataawa Fadheelatul Sheikh Rabee'a Ibn Haadee al-Madkhalee: vol 1, page 302]

posted by our beloved brother Ilyas Aidarus in the email forum