Thursday, November 10, 2011

In Light of the Recent Earth Quakes in Turkey

This audio recording was transcribed to text, from a class given at Masjid Rahmah {long before the Tahir Wyatt trials/exposition shortly after the horrific tsunami of 2005} , by Abul Hasan Malik Aadam Al-Akhdar. The title: Tsunami- The reasons for earthquakes is taken from the book ‘Asbaabu Zilzaal’, (The Reasons for Earthquakes) written by our Shaykh Al-Allaamah Muqbil Ibn Haadee Al-Waadi’ee, May Allaah’s Mercy be upon him.

Abul Hasan defines Tsunami:

A brief scientific definition of the word Tsunami is when an earthquake happens underneath the ocean bed or a volcanic eruption happens underneath the seas floor.

When it causes the earthquake, the shifting of the earth then causes the eruption and when that eruption takes place it causes waves to reach great heights.

And in one reading that I have read, it mentioned that when the wave begins to approach the earth, it begins to rise even more.

It has something to do with the way that it approaches the earth and the velocity, like this and it raises even higher.

And this particular Tsunami that took place, it basically took place in about seven different countries.

And the death toll is now approximately147,000 people who have been killed in this particular calamity.

This is not the first Tsunami that has ever happened and of course, as we know this is not the first earthquake that has ever taken place. Because of the devastation that has been seen or witnessed with this last Tsunami and much of the Kalaam (speech), many of the people who talk about it, firstly, being in some Muslim country that; it took place in Indonesia, for example.

Also it took place in Malaysia, if I am not mistaken and some other places where there are great populations of Muslims.

So many began to question this matter and began to ask with regards to the destruction; to the point where we had mentioned that we had heard even some from among the disbelievers who said that this caused them to question their belief in the Creator.

The fact that so many babies had died and, so many lives had been taken that this has began to, as they say, cause them to question their belief in the Creator.And this shows us, brothers, the reality of those who disbelieve that when a matter like this happens. Those who believe understand this increases them in faith.

As they understand that this is from the Decree of Allaah. And many of the nations that have preceded, because of their sins and transgressions against Allaah, they had been destroyed.

How many are the examples that we could mention?

The people of Lut, for example, because of their transgressions, because of their going to Homo-sexuality, preferring the men over the women, that Allaah has created for them.

Allaah caused that village or that land to be raised up by the Angels until it was mentioned that in the heavens they could hear the barking of the dogs of the people in that particular place and that land was turned upside-down.

And then, it was returned back to the earth in destruction and then Allaah rained down upon them fire from the heavens. So there is no question of that which has taken place historically from the Decree of Allaah in the nations.

As we are well aware of the flood of Nuh (Noah), where Allaah caused the water to come from the earth and also from the heavens until the point where the people were drowned except those who were saved in the Ark of Nuh (Noah).

So there is no question what so ever that Allaah in His infinite Wisdom and in His infinite Mercy, He has decreed the likes of these particular matters.

Our Shaykh, Shaykh Muqbil, (Allahs mercy be upon him), had written a book with regards to this matter: ‘Asbaabu Zilzaal’ (The Reasons for Earthquakes) and the likes of this and the calamities. It is a tremendous book.

So we thought it would be beneficial after we saw what had taken place, that we could bring about some benefit with regards to this particular matter.

Firstly, before entering into the book itself, I wanted to mention some of the brief Kalaam(speech) with regards to the Surah Zilzalah in the Qur’an,(The Book of Allaah), Allaah mentions Surah 99:1-8.

(1) “When the earth is shaken with its final earthquake.”

And the scholars of Tafsir, (those who explain the verses of the Qur’an according to what the Prophet Muhammad, Sallahu Alayhis Salaam, has said with regards to its meaning), from them Ibn Kathir; he mentioned that meaning here of this particular earthquake, that is mentioned in this particular Ayah, that it is the earthquake before Yaumal Qiyyamah, (The Day of Judgement).

(2). “And when the earth throws out its burdens.”

Also Ibn Kathir mentions with regards to the meaning of this particular Ayah at that particular time; the earth will cause that which is in it, to be cast out from the dead in the earth, from the treasures in the earth, from that which is buried in the earth, from ancient civilizations, whenever it may be.
That at that particular time, the earth will throw up its burden, meaning that which is held in it.

(3) ”And man will say: What is the matter with it?” Ibn Kathir mentions, with regards to this particular Ayah, that the people will say “Maa La Ha (What is wrong with it?)”.

He said that at one time before this particular event, it was a land that was at rest, at peace, a normal affair, a normal matter and then it began to shake and quake. So this shows us that even at that particular time, because that place is at rest, it is a normal day, people are going about in their normal affairs, normal business and then all of a sudden the earth begins to shake. It begins to move and the people begin to question; what is with the earth?And as I read in one of the meanings with regards to the Tsunami itself, that some of the scientist say that it is as if the earth shook upon it’s axis in this particular Tsunami.

(4). “That day it will declare its information about all that happened good or evil.”

Ibn Kathir explains with regards to this particular Ayah: The earth is from the Shuhood (witnesses) for or against you. That those places that the people committed sin in, then the earth will bear witness against you and as for the places that the person has done righteousness in, then the earth will also be a witness for you. It’s either a witness for you or against you. So this particular matter shows us that the earth itself will testify and it will speak with regards to that which had taken place upon it.

(5). “Because your Lord will inspire it.”

Ibn Kathir mentions with regards to this meaning, that the inspiration here is that Allaah commanded the earth to shake; that it is Allaah that commanded the earth to move. And this is a refutation, as Shaykh Muqbil will get into against those who attribute these calamities to the nature. They call them natural disasters. And as we will see from the speech of Shaykh Muqbil: If one actually says this believing that it is the earth or the nature itself that causes this matter, then he is a disbeliever. He disbelieved that it is Allaah who has caused this matter and caused this affair to take place with His infinite Wisdom.

(6). “That day mankind will proceed in scattered groups that they may be shown their deeds.”

(7). “So whoever does good equal to the weight of an atom or a small ant, he shall see it.”

(8). “And whoever does evil equal to the weight of an atom or a small ant, he shall see it.”

So on that day brothers, Yaumal Qiyyamah, after this particular earthquake, the great earthquake that is mentioned in these particular Ayat, every person will be shown that which he had done. If its something that is good, then he will be shown that and if it is something that is evil, then he will be shown that.

And Ibn Kathir, recording on some of the Salaf, they mention that this Surah itself should be an encouragement for the people to do good even if it is a small, minor affair.

Even if it is a small thing, something minute in your sight, it is a great encouragement for you to do.

As Allaah mentioned that if you did the smallest amount of good you would see it on Yaumal Qiyyamah. Ibn Kathir also went on to mention that also the opposite is true.

That this also should be a discouragement from even doing the smallest amount of evil. As Allaah mentioned in this Ayah that even if it is an atoms weight of evil, it will be shown to the individual.

So this particular Ayat or Surah we should mention, shows the tremendous encouragement. Firstly, the doing of good even if it is a very small or minute matter and it is also a discouragement from doing evil again, even if it is from the most small or minute matters of evil.

And we mentioned before in some of the lessons from the statements of the Salafis Salih with regards to this particular matter.

And we mentioned that from what the Salaf has said: Do not look at the smallness or minuteness of the sin that you are committing, but rather look at the greatness of the one you are disobeying. This is the reality of the matter my brothers.

May Allaah bless you.

And as the Shaykh began this particular book, he began to bring different Ayat to mention some of the matters that had happened throughout the earth in the past.

And Inshallaah, I selected a portion of those particular Ayat, as the book is a bit long, not long.

It’s a small Risalah, the meaning is that there are many Ayats and had we read the entire thing, it may have taken quite a few lessons.

So I selected some of the Ayat from the different chapters or the different pages that the Shaykh had mentioned to read.

And then bring the speech of the Shaykh in the conclusion.

The Shaykh mentions from the Qur’an the statement of Allaah, Al-A’raf 7:94-99,

“And we sent no Prophet unto any town, any village or any place and they denied him, except that We seized it’s people with suffering from extreme poverty or loss in wealth or loss of health and calamities, so that they might humiliate themselves and repent to Allaah. Then We changed the evil for good, until they increased in number and wealth. And said: Our fathers were touched with evil, loss of health and calamities, and with good prosperity.”

So they were touched with the both of them. They were touched with calamity, disease, death and what is like it.

And they were also touched with some prosperity.

So Allaah mentioned;

“So We seized them all of a sudden while they were unaware. And if the people of the towns had believed and had Taq’wa (piety), and (fear of Allaah), certainly We should have opened for them blessings from the heaven and the earth, but they denied the messengers. So We took them, with punishment, for what they used to earn. Did the people of the towns then feel secure against the coming of Our punishment by night while they were asleep? Or, did the people of the towns then feel secure against the coming of Our punishment in the forenoon while they were playing? Did they then feel secure against the Plan of Allaah? None feels secure from the Plan of Allaah except the people who are the losers.”

If you pay attention to these particular Ayat brothers, you see that from the reasons for destruction and from the reasons for these calamities that have takes place, is disobedience to the Messengers of Allaah.

The people go about as Allaah mentions, in the day and in the night and some of them go to sleep in disobedience to Allaah.

Not having any awareness and not being aware of that which Allaah has in plan for them in punishment and in seizing them.Or those who go about in the forenoon playing and going about their normal business in the day and not concerning themselves with that which they have done from disobedience, until Allaah takes and sends a tremendous punishment and calamity upon them and calls them to account for that which they had done.

So clearly we see, and do not be mistaken, that which we have seen from destruction, and that which we have seen from death, is from the punishment of Allaah; for those who have belied the Messengers, and those who have disbelieved in the Messengers, and for those who have disobeyed the Messengers of Allaah.And then he brings the Ayat from the book of Allaah, Al_Isra’ 17:58-59. Allaah mentions in these particular Ayat;

“And there is not a town, population, but We shall destroy it before the Day of Resurrection, or punish it with a severe torment. That is written in the Book (of Our Decress). And nothing stops Us from sending the Ayat, (proofs, evidences, signs) but that the people of old denied them.”

So Allaah, He sent signs, Messengers, and Prophets. But the people belied those Messengers, they denied those Ayat, those signs and the likes of them. And He said;

“We sent the she-camel to Thamud as a clear sign, but they did her wrong. And we sent not signs except to warn and to make them afraid (of destruction.)”

So Allaah sent many signs to the people of the earth, past and present.He has sent them Messengers with revelations to their people to call them to that which is correct, and to that which is good, and to Tawheed, and to obedience to Allah. But these people belied the Messengers, and they denied the signs of Allaah, and therefore Allaah took them, as we mentioned, with terrible punishment.

And then he mentioned the Ayat from the book of Allaah, Surah Fatir 35:44-45,

“Have they not traveled in the land, and seen what was the end of those before them- though they were superior to them in power?”

Here, Allah is mentioning that there were many nations that came before.

Mighty nations, powerful nations, nations of technology, or civilization or like this that had built up great buildings, and great affairs and like this.

And have the people not looked through the earth and seen these matters and seen what was the punishment of those people? Volcanoes had taken some cities, earthquakes had destroyed some cities, floods had destroyed other cities.

Great calamities had come to these nations who were powerful, who were mighty but it is Allaah, Glorified and Exalted is He, who is All-Mighty and All-Powerful and it is Allaah who takes to account for these particular matters.And then the Ayah continues:

“Allaah is not such that anything in the heavens and the earth escapes Him. Verily, He is All-Knowing, All Omnipotent. And if Allaah were to punish men for that which they earned, He would not leave a moving (living) creature on the surface of the earth.”

Listen to the people when they talk about how they question their belief in the Creator. As if they do go about in the day and in the night sinning and transgressing against Allaah, causing all affairs of Kufr and disbelief; calling to all that is evil and wicked and corrupt. And then when Allaah takes them with a punishment, calls them to account for that which they did, they don’t remember their sins; they don’t remember their transgressions against Allaah.

All they can say is that they question their faith in the Creator. If Allaah had taken the people to account for what they had really done, there would remain a microbe upon the earth, not a living creature, not walking, not crawling, not swimming, not flying. There would not remain upon the earth a single creature had Allaah not given His infinite Mercy to His creation.

“But He gives them respite to an appointed term: and when their term comes, then verily, Allaah is Ever All-Seer of His slaves.”

Allaah knows best that which they had done. Shaykh Muqbil, after mentioning these particular matters, he begins to make some comments with regards to these particular Ayat and the issue of the Zilzaal, these earthquakes.

The Shaykh said that Allaah is telling us the story about these particular Ayat; about the condition of those who opposed the Messengers and what Allaah did to those people. And Allah did not oppress them, but rather they oppressed their own souls.

Let us know for certainty, that which Allaah has done whether it be in this particular affair, this earthquake, that if you look at the evil of the people, how can one compare the likes of the evil of the people to that which has taken place.

And it’s clear, that when Allaah mentions in that Ayah, that He taken the people to account for what they really had done that we wouldn’t remain. But it is only by the Mercy of Allaah and these calamities are from the Signs of Allaah. And then the Shaykh said in the Sahihain (Bukhari and Muslim), on the authority of Jaabirthat, when the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, brought the Ayah from the Qur’an: Say! He, Allaah, has Power, that He can send to you a punishment from above you. And when the Prophet recited it, he said; I seek refuge in your face, meaning Allaah, and then he said; or from beneath your feet.

Allaah can send a calamity from above you or from beneath your feet and the Prophet said; I seek refuge in your face, again. Allaah says: or I can send a party of you against another so you can taste the punishment of one another. And sometimes Allaah sends a people strong in the affairs of war and killing and like this and He will send them over another people as a punishment.And this is from the punishment of Allaah, that He causes another people to humiliate another people.

As we mention that from the affairs and the matters as mentioned from the book of Adaa Wa Dawaa by Ibnul Qayyim, that from the punishment of Allaah, again Bani Isra’eel, is that He sent a people against them strong in warfare to humiliate them and like. But when this was recited the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, said: As to this last affair, then it is the easiest of those matters.As for the punishment from the heavens, or as for the punishment from beneath the feet of you, then this is the most severe of the punishment of Alaah.

So Allaah may send, as we mentioned, He may send down rain from the heavens to cause floods in the earth as we saw during the time of Nuh, peace be upon him. Or He may send down fire from the heavens, or as we see in this particular matter, Allaah may send destruction from beneath your feet from the shaking and the quaking of the earth from beneath you.

So it is Allaah that has Power over this matter. The Shaykh continues: And these affairs of teaching, these things that show you, these admonitions and like this, they continue to happen. They continue to take place ever since Allaah created the heavens and the earth until this day of ours.

And in the second portion of this particular lecture or class when we continue and finish it up next week Insha-allaah, we will continue when Shaykh Muqbil brings in the last portion of this book chronologically different earthquakes and different calamities that have taken place in the earth.

Whether it be famine, or it be hunger until the point where the Shaykh mentions in some instances in the history, that the hunger became so much that the people began to eat one another.

This again is from the punishment of Allaah and from His infinite Wisdom.

And then the Shaykh goes on to mention: And these particular Ayat are a severe warning for those who would oppose that which the Prophets and Messengers have come with. And we continue in our time to hear about these admonitions, these calamities.

We just heard about this calamity, this Tsunami that took place last week 147,000 people killed. The Shaykh said: And we continue to hear about these signs from Allaah. And we continue to hear about these calamities that shake or bring fear to the Muslims, but the disbelievers, the enemies of Al Islaam, they try to make these calamities, natural disasters.

They call them natural disasters. Why do they call them natural disasters? So as to deny the Messengers?

We just recited the Ayat about those who belie the Messengers, those who deny the signs of Allaah. So after 147,000 people die, a way for them to belie the Messengers, to deny the Ayat and the signs of Allaah, is to merely call it a natural disaster. The earth itself just did this.

The earth itself began to quake naturally, for no reason, just began to quake like this.So they themselves try to belie the Messengers and deny the truth of Allaah, that which He has sent down, the claiming, alleging that these are natural disasters. And they also try to deny the help of Allaah and the victory that He gives to His Prophets.

And then the Shaykh says: The abundance of the earthquakes in the last days is considered a sign from the signs of Prophethood.Why? Because the Prophet, Sallahu Alayhis Salaam, clarified as we will mention in the next lesson from the different narrations from Adallal An-Nubu’a, from the Proofs of Prophethood, that the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, had mentioned the coming of these earthquakes and that in the last days there would be tremendous loss of life due to earthquakes and the likes of this.

So this is from proofs of Prophethood.

And from signs of Prophethood is that the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, was able to mention that which was going to take place from the unknown at the particular time, or the un-seen at that particular time.

And then the Shaykh goes on to mention: As the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, mentioned in the narration of Salim Al Nufail, Radiullaahu Anhu, and other narrations that we will mention Insha-Allaah, there is also a narration in the Sahih of Imam: Bukhari and Imam: Muslims on the authority of Abu Hurairah, Radiullaahu Anhu,of the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, mentioning in the last days the coming of these earthquakes.

The Shaykh continues and says: And the question or that which needs to be considered; Have we taken account of that which has taken place?

Have we repented to Allaah?

How many of us when we heard about this earthquake, or this Tsunami that took place in the Asian Continent, how many fell and repented to their Lord?

How many remembered their reckoning with Allaah, and knew that it could have taken place with them?

The Shaykh is asking how many took account that 147,000 people have died.

But how many of us have taken account from those who remain?

How many of us rushed to Taubah to Allaah?

How many of us left off sin immediately, how many felt the fear, Might and Power of Allaah? Or did it become a mere matter of mentioning the death toll.

How many people actually took account of that which had taken place in their own lives, and their own family?

This is the reality of what the Shaykh is asking us here. Or are they like those who Allaah mentioned in His Qur’an.

Allaah said: At-Taubah 9:126,

“Do you not see that they had been tested with calamities at least once or twice a year.” Calamities happen quite often, earthquakes and floods. And then He, Allaah, says: “And then they still don’t repent.”

The people still don’ repent, they see the calamities, they see the Might of Allaah.

They see Allaah seizing the people of their sins and their transgressions and they still don’t repent to Allaah.

And they still don’t remember or take thought.

They do not think.

So this is what the Shaykh is clarifying for us.

Yes, this calamity took place and it was a tragedy, yes.

How many of us repented to Allaah. How many of us rushed to leave off the sins and transgressions against Allaah.

That is a tremendous Ayah in Surah At-Taubah.

Then the Shaykh spoke about some of the earthquake that had actually taken place in Yemen and some of the calamities in Yemen. He said, after these earthquakes in Yemen, he said: Did the people then begin to get rid of the places that produce whiskey and alcohol. After the earthquake, did the people rush to remember their Lord and to tear down those places of whiskey and like this? Did they repent from Hisbiyyah.

How many people repented from Hisbiyyah after these particular affairs?

And how many people repented from democracy, that some of the people have the nerve and the audacity to call to and to claim this democracy is from Al-Islaam.

A system that makes a faggot equal to the righteous, that gives the same matter to the drunkard to the man who is upon nobility.

How can the people even claim to clarify this matter, rather they should repent to Allaah from the democracy and understand that the affair is that which Allaah had legislated and sent down.

Then the Shaykh said: Had they repented, had they freed themselves from the corruption and the sin that is in front of us.

He said, again, speaking about the affair in Yemen: Rather, had they repented and freed themselves from unison with the likes of the communists.

The matter needs Taubah.

This matter needs repentance to Allaah.

When we see the likes of these calamities, the likes of the destruction, the likes of the loss of life that we have seen before us, it needs Taubah.

It needs people to repent to Allaah to leave off that which they have done from sin.

To feel sorry for that which they have committed, to leave it off immediately and to desire within themselves never to return to that particular matter.

Then he mentions the Ayah from the book of Allaah, Qur’an, An-Anfal 8:25,

“And fear the Fitnah, a trial, a calamity, that will not just strike those who were obstinate amongst you but rather, it will take all of you in a general punishment.”

All of us should fear this.

From amongst those who died, we are sure that there were those from among the Saliheen, righteous.But here, we see that Allaah has mentioned beware of a punishment from Allaah that will not just get the sinners from amongst you, but rather it will take the general people.

And we will mention some points of benefit with regards to that matter.

The Shaykh said: And some of the disbelievers they say; don’t say that these earthquakes are from the reasons of the sins of the people; don’t try to claim that the reason why the earth shook is because the people were sinning and transgressing against Allaah.

And therefore the people continue to sin.

Then he mentioned the Ayah from the book of Allaah, Qur’an, Ash-Shura 42:30.

“And no calamity has reached you except from the deeds of your own hands.”

Allaah is just and no calamity has reached the people except that it is from the sins of their own hand, the corruption of their own hands, that which they had put forth from their own sins is the reason for their destruction.And then Allaah mentions; Qur’an: Al-Hadid 57:22-23,

“And there is no calamity that has taken place in the earth or within yourselves except that it is in a book that is recorded before we, Allaah, caused it to happen. And indeed this is easy for Allaah. So you will not feel sorrow for that which has missed you and you will not be happy about that which has come to you. And indeed Allaah does not love the obstinate braggard.”

And then he mentioned the statement of Allaah, Qur’an, At-Taghabun 64:11,

“And no calamity has reached you except by the permission of Allaah, and whosoever believes in Allaah, He guides his heart.” As we mentioned the true believer, when he sees his matter that had taken place with the Tsunami, it increased him in belief. It increased him in the fear of Allaah, as we will see from some of the coming narrations.

And the Shaykh, he continues: He said that earthquakes also could be from a test from Allaah. He firstly mentioned a punishment and it could also be a test from Allaah.

He says: Qur’an: Al-Baqarah 2:153-156,

“O you who believe! See aid in patience and prayer. Truly! Allaah is with the patient. And say not of those who are killed in the Way of Allaah, They are dead, rather they are alive, but you do not understand or you do not reason. And indeed, We will test you with something from fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to the patient. Those who when afflicted with calamity, say: Truly! To Allaah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.”

They understood this was a test from Allaah, as Allaah will test us with loss of life. Yes! You will be tested with loss of life as those who came before you were tested with the loss of life.

Do you believe that the affair will only be good for you?

Do the people now question the Creator because people had died? Yes! There was a calamity, no question it was an affair of sorrow but do the people believe that the affair will only be good for them?

Qur’an, Al-‘Ankabut, 29:2-3,

“Will the people be left alone saying that we believe and will not be tested?” This is the test of Allaah for His believing servants. He test the believers with loss of life, the loss of wealth, “To see those from amongst you who are truthful, and to see those from amongst you are the liars.”

Then the Shaykh goes on to say: Are we free from sin to where we have the audacity to believe we don’t deserve the punishment of Allaah?

And he goes on to mention: Do we put ourselves in the place of the Angels, those who do not disobey Allaah in that which He commands them and they do as they are told?

Do we put ourselves in that particular position?

And when the Angels are told to do a matter, then they do so.

How many times in the day and the night that we know an affair that Allaah has commanded us to do or forbidden us from and we still make that particular move?

We still do that thing. How many times in the day and the night do we sin and transgress against Allaah and then we see the calamity before our eyes and we still don’t repent to Allaah.

Instead of that affair making them question their belief in the Creator, it should have made them rush to belief in Al-Islaam. It should have made them rush to believe in the Creators of the heavens and the earth.

But indeed, as Allaah mentions at the end of this particular Ayah, Al-Baqarah 2:156,

“Truly! To Allaah we belong and truly, to Him we shall return.”

It is those who are upon them, the Peace of Allaah and His Mercy and it is those who are guided.

So the guided ones are those who when the calamity comes, they know that it is from Allaah and they know we come from Allaah and to Allaah we are returned.

The corruption and Fasad is present in the land of Yemen and other than the land of Yemen. Everyday it increases, every generation as we know gets worse and worse.

Everyday the evil is increased in abundance.

And some of the deviants may say: What is the sin of the babies. What is the sin of the young children or the young ones who died in this particular calamity, what is their sin?

The Shaykh said: They were taken because of the sins of their fathers and the sins of their families.

This narration in the Sahih of Imam Bukhari on the authority of A’isha, and this narration gives us a tremendous look into this particular matter of the children; where she said that the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, said that an army will come to attack the Ka’bah and they will reach Baydah and Baydah, as Ibunl Hajar mentions in Fath Al Bari is a well know place that between Mecca and Al Madina, and when they get to that particular place the earth will swallow them up, the first of them and the last of them.

And in one narration, even the middle from amongst them.

So A’isha said: O Messenger of Allaah, the earth will swallow them up but they will be from them or with them, and those who are from them but not with them.

Those who are not actually with them to come and fight against the Ka’bah and who are innocent of that particular matter?

The Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, said: The earth will swallow up the first of them, and the last of them and then they will be raised up on Yaumal Qiyyamah and each person will be judged according to their intentions.

In other words, those innocent who died with regards to this particular calamity, they were taken to account because of a general punishment.

And the scholars had mentioned that this is a proof of not placing yourself amongst the people of sin, of removing yourself from the people of sin. As is mentioned in Fath Al Bari, this is a proof that even if a person is not drinking but he sits among those who drink, then he is likely to be punished amongst them.

Just like if a person was standing on the corner and there were a bunch of people selling drugs.

If the police raid the corner, even if you weren’t there selling drugs, you were amongst those people who were selling drugs.

You will be taken account amongst those who were taken to account from those who were selling drugs.

Guilty by association.

But as for the children of those people who were killed in these particular calamities, they will be raised on Yaumal Qiyyamah and each one will be taken account according to his own intention.

So they will not necessarily be punished for the sins of their fathers or like this, but they will be taken to account in a general punishment and this is also from the signs of Allaah.

And from the Hadith of Zaynab, it is mentioned in this particular narration that the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, entered upon Zaynab and he said; Woe to the Arabs and an evil or a punishment is going to take them that is coming soon.

And she said; O Messenger of Allaah, will we be destroyed and there are amongst us the righteous?

He said; Yes! Once the corruption becomes rampant. They Shaykh said; and the evil has become much.

The factories of alcohol, and the women coming out uncovered, and Allaah knows best what evil is about to come or take after this.

So as for the one who tries to ascribe these matters to the nature, natural disasters, and he calls them natural disasters, if he intends by this that the nature itself is that which is causing these matters, then he is a Kaafir, a disbeliever.

The Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam, mentioned in this Hadith Qud’si: That one night when it had rained, Allaah mentions that the worshippers of Allaah will become believers and disbelievers.

As for the one who says that the rain was from the bounty of Allaah and from His Mercy, then he is a believer in Me and a disbeliever in the stars. As for the one who says the rain is because of such and such from the creation, then he is the one who has disbelieved in Me and believed in the stars.

So Allaah has clarified here, the one who ascribes these matters, whether it be rain, lightening, thunder, the Tsunami, whatever it may be, if he attributes that to the creation, then he has disbelieved in Allaah.

If a person says, for example, in describing an earthquake that the earth begins to do this and they begin to explain the actual way that the thing takes place, then this is a scientific explanation but we understand that it is Allaah that caused all of that to take place.

That it is all from the Might of Allaah. So he does no ascribe that matter to the nature itself.

On the authority of A’isha and Ibn Abass, Radiullaahu Anhu, And then she mentions the statement of the Prophet, Sallaahu Alayhis Salaam: that indeed the sun and the moon are from the signs of Allaah and they do not eclipse for the death of anyone from amongst you nor the life of from anyone amongst you but rather, they are from the matter which Allaah brings fear to your heart by them.

So if you see them, solar or lunar eclipse, then pray and make supplication to Allaah. So don’t attribute these affairs to anything from the creation but rather, attribute it to Allaah.

The Shaykh says: So all these people from amongst the disbelievers, are they able to repel the earthquake, can they cause it to stop, can they settle the earth when it begins to shake?

And he says: Are they able to stop the floods when they come, are they able to stop the rain when it comes and causes these matters? Rather, are they able to do that which is weaker than that?

Are they able to cure the likes of A.I.D.S of which Allaah sent as a punishment for the people?

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