Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Troid Overthrow activists now promoting Tariq Ramadahn

The remnants of the failed overthrow plot who's antics caused the temporary closure of Masjid al Furqaan (troid da'wah centre) and took what was to many a lighthouse of guidance (troid website) offline for a short time last year here in Toronto have now turned to promoting the refuted individual Tariq Ramadahn.

Above is a screenshot taken feb 14 2012 from their garbage website they had used when they hijacked the troid.org domain last year.

Is this the direction they had planned for Troid had their overthrow plots been successful?

May Allah Protect this noble Da'wah and those who adhere to it from the likes of these power hungry promoters of falsehood and misguidance, ameen.

For those not familiar with the history of this event you may refer to the following url for a brief backdrop of what took place.


Lastly, to close out any doubts(for the salafis of Toronto) as to who is being referred to here below is a photo of the plaza where the HQ of these individuals is located. Tretheway and Brookhaven (Darul Arqam).