Saturday, April 28, 2012

Abu Khadeejah Sinks the Ship of the Troid Overthrow Activists (Darul Arqam), Killing them Softly with Gentle Words of Reason,Calling them to Return to the Truth

The saga of the attempted overthrow of Masjid al Furqaan (aka the Troid Da'wah Centre) by some who sought to attain leadership positions and banish some of our noble brothers  from the organization has now left the ball in the court of those who were involved in the attempted grab for power.

It is upon those involved to publicly return to the truth, make tauba and sign a bayaan freeing themselves from the evil of what had taken place. 

Our noble brother Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid was asked concerning the events that took place and responded with some beautiful advice concerning how Ahlus Sunnah should deal with each other. Audio clip below...

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