Friday, May 25, 2018

SCANDAL IN THE RANKS: Refuting the Lies of TROID in Defense of the Truth

Bismillaah, wal-hamdulilaah, was-salaatu was-salaamu 'alaa rasoolillaah,

It is with great sadness that I find the need to proceed with the following clarification and refutation of the recent LIES that our brother(s) (may Allah rectify him/them) at TROID have decided to publish against me (Aboo Zubaydah Yusuf Ibn Aadam). 

Having said that it must be then also considered that their decision to take the path of lies is a monsterous error on their part (not only because of the haram nature of lying but also) as they are held in the eyes of many to be known as an organization which is trustworthy to take your religion from. 

Choosing to embark upon the path of lies compromises their status as being a trustworthy source to take knowledge of the religion from. 

 Imaam Muhammad bin Sireen said:

«إِنَّ هَذَا العِلْمَ دِيْنٌ؛ فَانْظُرُواْ عَمَّنْ تَأخُذُوْنَ دِيْنَكُمْ».

“Indeed this knowledge is the religion, so be careful with regards to the one whom you take your religion from”

(أخرجه مسلم في مقدمة صحيحه).

I have known the brothers at TROID for a great many years and have worked with them since at least 2009 on various projects mostly audio and video related. I would have never thought the day would come for me to issue a refutation against them for lying, however sadly that day has now come. I had tried repeatedly to contact the brothers prior to issuing the following in hopes of reconciling the matter and to try and salvage the brotherhood to no avail Qadr'Allah wal Masha Fa'al.

So with a sense of sadness I will now proceed with the refutation of the LIES of TROID upon me in defense of the truth and in warning the muslims:

Below is a screenshot of TROID's claim 

LIE # 1: "We state, unequivocally, that Yusuf Emreekee Salafee is not and was not a member of the shurah of TROID"

Refutation of the above underlined LIE:

I will start this refutation of the above mentioned with a brief background synapse of how I became a member of the TROID shoorah insha'Allah. 

Back in 2011 a number of brothers (many of them being founding members of TROID's very beginnings) staged an attempt to overthrow TROID and remove Abu Sakeenah Ahmad Assing and Abu Zakee 'Umar Anthony Duffy al-Irlundee from their position as administrators of the organization. 

They were very upset and had joined together under the flag of their grievances with 'Umar and Ahmad complaining about many different problems they had with them (Pdf of their complaints found here: ). 

During this time the overthrow activists did everything in their power to try and get rid of 'Umar and Ahmad once and for all and in the process fell into lying, stealing and other haram means in an attempt to succeed.

Likewise it was during this time of chaos that an emergency meeting was held at Shameen al Afghaanee's candy factory/sweets warehouse on Rexdale avenue to try and strategize methods on how to combat the overthrow activists. At this meeting a number of brothers were present including Ahmad and 'Umar and it was at this very meeting that 'Umar himself appointed me to be a member of the shoorah without my consent. I never requested to be a member of the shoorah and I really didn't ever want to be on it. I had enjoyed being a regular attendee of the Masjid for salat, conference events ect. and felt uneasy about getting wrapped up in the politics of the administration drama. 

Evidence Exhibit #1 in refutation of the LIES of TROID
Email summary of the meeting in PDF found here: 

Screenshot of page 5 point 6 of the above PDF wherein the newly formed shoorah is described.

Despite my uneasiness about being placed on the shoorah I reluctantly agreed with Umar's proposal as the brothers needed help repelling the evils of the overthrow activists.

Shortly thereafter a meeting took place at Yaqoob al Kanadi's apartment between the overthrow activists and the newly formed shoorah. Shaykh Muhammad Ramzaan (hafidthullah) and Aboo Muhammad al Maghribee were also present to advise and regulate. 

It was at the beginning of this very meeting one of the heads of the overthrow activists Haroon Cole al-Jamaykee exclaimed: 

"Ok ah umm bismillah wasalatul was salam the brothers who aren't invited here they need to leave. This isn't a open meeting barak'Allahu feekum."

To which Ahmad Assing replied: "The brothers who are sitting here are  for the shoorah of the Masjid."

Haroon Cole al Jamaykee in shock replies "hah???"

Ahamd Assing reiterates: "The brothers who are sitting here they are only of the shoorah of the Masjid."

The above is found at approximately the 00:20 to 00:35 second mark of the following audio which I recorded myself at the meeting. 

Evidence Exhibit #2 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

After some time when the overthrow activists were subdued to an extent I asked 'Umar Duffy al-Irludee if it was ok if I could resign from the shoorah as I would prefer to return to being a regular layman who simply attends the masjid for salah, lessons and conferences ect. 'Umar replied that he wanted me to wait a bit more until the overthrow drama had (completely) blown over. 

Again I reluctantly agreed and then as time passed I never ended up actually officially resigning nor was I ever given official notice that I had been removed. Thus after 'Umar had recently started to post my name on the website, facebook and a pinned post on the TROID twitter account I decided it was probably a good time to officially announce my resignation seeing how my honor was now being slaughtered.

I have additional evidence on hand in the form of sensitive emails that I would have no business being in possession of had I not been a shoorah member which I can provide upon request insha'Allah.           

LIE # 2: "Over the last six years or more, he has not been invited to or participated in any meetings or management of the centre nor did he have a role at TROID

Refutation of the above underlined LIE

As for the above claim that I did not have a role at TROID over the last 6 years or more then again sadly we find that this is another TOTAL LIE

For indeed if the above statement were true then how can we explain the 80 plus videos on the TROID youtube account produced by emreekeesalafee pictured below in a screenshot with the videos being referenced underlined in red (url: ) ?

Evidence Exhibit #3 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

Clearly TROID would not allow just anybody to produce videos, upload them and manage their official youtube account if that person had no role in the organization.

The truth of the matter as can be seen in the above screenshot is that I have been producing videos for TROID for at least since four years ago. 

And in fact it's been even longer than that but the older ones were removed when 'Umar revamped the youtube channel some time back as shown in the screenshot below circled in red.

Evidence Exhibit #4 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

Web url on TROID found here:

Web url on internet archive found here (in the event 'Umar deletes the page):

The truth is I had only stopped producing videos for TROID once 'Umar Irlundee decided to restrict access to the account last year as shown in the screenshot below.

Evidence Exhibit #5 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

After having been removed from the account I messaged 'Umar al-Irlandee to try and understand why he had restricted access and he replied that it was due to inactivity as shown in the screenshots below:

Evidence Exhibit #6 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

Additionally I also had access to the back end of the TROID website publishing audios and at times writing small reviews. 

So now we ask: Would TROID allow or trust someone who "had no role at TROID" to have access to the back-end of the website and publish content with their pen name (emreekeesalafee) as proven by the examples shown in the screenshots below (circled in red) ? 


Evidence Exhibit #7 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

Web url on internet archive found here (in the event 'Umar deletes the page):

Evidence Exhibit #8 in refutation of the LIES of TROID

Web url on internet archive found here (in the event 'Umar deletes the page): 

We will conclude here dear respected readers as insha'Allah the above will suffice for any seeker of truth regarding this saddening turn of events due to our brothers at TROID making the conscious choice to embark upon the path of LIES

We advise our brothers to repent, recant and rectify the harm they have done by choosing to tread the path of lies and falsehood.

We ask Allah to guide our brother(s) at TROID to repent to Him and guide them to return to the path of truthfulness. Ameen.

Until then we warn the Muslims from taking anything related to the religion from the website TROID.ORG as Imaam Ahmad (rahimahullah) stated:

“DO NOT write from 3:

• A PERSON OF INNOVATION who calls to his Bidʿah.

Or a LIAR for indeed nothing is written from him; be it less or a lot.

Or from a man who makes a mistake but DOES NOT RECTIFY it when he’s refuted

● [الكافية ١٤٤] 

and Shaykh Rabee Bin Haadi [hafidhahullaah] said: 

"Islam will not be established by liars. By Allaah neither will it move ahead nor (will it be) established except through those who are truthful."

Al-Majmoo Ar-Raa'iq. page 436 (Translation courtesy islamstoke *slightly modified with addition in parenthesis)

Written by Aboo Zubaydah Yusuf "emreekeesalafee" Ibn Aadam 
May 25, 2018ce
10th of Ramadahn 1439ah