Friday, August 19, 2011

The Baatil Manhaj of Abul-Hasan (al-Maribee)

Question: Is it correct that we do not take the jarh of anyone up until we go and see (what necessitates this jarh) and observe it?

Shaikh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee:

This is the baatil manhaj of Abul-Hasan (al-Maribee).

He means to abolish the judgements of the scholars and their verdicts and their criticisms of the people of falsehood by way of this sophistry, and by way of this Communist manhaj, this manhaj is derived from Communism, because the Communist does not believe in Allaah until he sees him or hears him (directly)... so this speech is baatil.

Allaah the Most High says,

"O you who believe if a faasiq comes to you with news then verify it".

So when the one who comes is a faasiq, then his speech is not accepted, but it is verified, because it could be true. And when the one who brings the news is upright and reliable, a precise memoriser, then it is obligatory to accept his news.

Even if he was narrating about Allaah and His Messenger, let alone about the people, because Allaah has not warned us - may Allaah bless you - except from accepting the news from the fussaaq... [section omitted here as transmission paused temporarily]... in baatil.

For it was laid down (i.e. this rule) in order to defend Sayyid Qutb and his likes.

And for this reason you will see that many years passed him by and he remained in falsehood and sophistry, while the truth was walking right in front of his two eyes, as apparent as the sun, however, he recourses to philoshopy, sophistry and deceptions so that his ramz (i.e. his being the centre of people's attention) is not made to fall in the eyes of the people.

Because they have rumooz (i.e. symbolic figureheads), just like the way of the Baatiniyyah, they have rumooz. The rumooz of the harakah (movement)...

So they make tashweesh (confusion) about al-jarh wat-ta'deel and about its principle... and all of this is from the corrupt, vile principles which are carried by the people of falsehood and they wage a war against Ahl us-Sunnah by them, and they confuse the ignorant ones amongst the people by them.

[The Shaikh was asked about the subject of al-jarh wat-ta'deel and the issue of the jarh mufassar being given preference over the ta'deel, tonight the 8th January 2003 at 9pm Kuwaitee time, corresponding to 5th of Dhil-Qa'dah 1423H, over Paltalk, and it is recorded.]

reference source: salafipublications mailing list via West London Dawah archive