Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Tears of Shaykh Rabee'

An affecting stance out of which the tears of Shaykh Rabee streamed down from its impact...

Last summer I went to perform Umrah. Then I stopped by Shaykh Rabee after Asr prayer. He welcomed us very warmly and we sat with the Shaikh. He began advising us, as he usually does, in matters of our religion.

The Maghrib prayer came and we went to it. The Shaykh prayed in his house because he was too tired. After Maghrib, we went back to the Shaykh's circle. He came down to us, bringing a book in which the virtues of the companions are mentioned. He gave someone in the audience the book so that he could read to us.

The brother started reading about one of the virtues of the companions, whose name slipped my mind. The Shaykh was commenting on the Biography of this companion when the reader arrived at a part on the death of the companion.

The Shaykh's looks began to change and he was looking down at the earth. The tears started streaming down his cheek and he began saying "May Allah be pleased with them. May Allah be pleased with them.".

Some thoughts came to me while I was looking at this moving sight and I said "Let the one who says that the Shaykh speaks ill about the companions see for himself. Does it make sense that a man would speak ill about them and cry over their virtues?" I also said "Where is the one who says that the Shaykh is stern and that the refutations have affected him and hardened his heart? Rather it is the mercy which filled his heart and his love and defense of the religion.

I ask Allah to protect him and resurrect us with him, in the company of the righteous and the pious. How good of a companionship are those.

This is what I wrote in a hurry and there are other stances which happened while I was with him. I will mention them at their right time, insha'Allah

Taken from
narrated by Abu Maryam Al Atharee
Translation: Saeed Rhana

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