Friday, November 18, 2011

Not Allowed to Boycott Unless There is a Benefit ? Shaykh Rabee Answers...


Ya Shaykh some brothers say that it is not allowed to boycott the innovator with discretionary boycotting (hajr ta3zeeree) except if there was a benefit (maslahah) and if not it is not allowed, and the basic principle is in preventive boycotting (hajr wiqaa'ee) so it is allowed for everyone so that they can guard themselves from the doubts. So what is your opinion about this?


The children, they will identify the benefits and harms!?

Benefit of the young student of knowledge is in fleeing from the people of innovations, because we have experienced a lot with those who used to be committed to the salafee manhaj, with this 'tamyee3' they wasted and left the salafee manhaj and became enemies and adversaries to its (salafee manhaj) people.

So I see that upon the beginner youth seeking knowledge is to flee with his religion,like how the elders from the pious predecessors used to close their ears and flee from hearing the speech of the innovator, fearing that the devil might afflict their souls and they would not be able to get rid of it. And from those nobles from the respected scholars were Ayyuoob As-Sakhtiyaanee and Ibn Sireen and their likes.

And here is a book, Allaah willing, you learn, which was written to explain these matters Allaah willing, you learn and you read it and you benefit from it.

As for the youth then they are not to mix with them (innovators) nor sit with them (innovators) nor debate with them (innovators). Rather it is upon them to seek beneficial knowledge from its original sources to be firmly establish upon it (knowledge). So if he firmly establishes his feet upon knowledge, and sees efficiency in himself to have impact upon the people of innovation, and establishing proofs upon them and is able to drag many from them (innovators) towards guidance, then he should do so. And if he feels weakness and deficiency in himself even if he was a scholar, then he does not go near them (innovator) and upon him is to teach the people of sunnah, to mix with them (ahlus-sunnah) and to spread goodness amongst them (ahlus-sunnah). And verily these are the true benefits.

And to avert the harms (mafaasid) takes precedence upon fetching benefits (masaalih). And not every child can estimate the benefit.

But as for these, they 'yumayyi3oon' and have realised their success in transferring the salafee youth from its noble position to lowly innovations.

So caution, caution O youth! From the plots of people of innovation. Yes." -end

[translated by] -Abu 'Abdillaah Az-Zubayr bin Mohammad Bin Husayn Aal 'Abbaas